Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feminist Critics and other thoughts about blogging

I follow a blog called Feminist Critics and sometimes post on there.

Its one of the most unusual on the web, both in the way it is moderated and for the types of discussions one can have on it.
Despite it's title, the blog is not run by people who consider themselves anti-feminists or MRA's, though many of the long-time commenters lean that way. One of the bloggers , ballgame, even identifies as feminist and they've had other self-identified feminist bloggers before. They also have a whole post called "What Feminism Got Right" which they urge any newly participating feminist or anti or skeptical person to read prior to posting. Basically, the blog exists to try to bring to light problematical and unexamined areas of feminist discourse and philosophy as well as to examine "gender roles" dispassionately in terms of how they impact both men and women.

In order to do that, and to avoid many of the problems that are often encountered on other blogs where flamewars are rampant or censorship rules the day, they have employed a rather unusual system of light moderation. They wish to welcome feminist commenters even those who may initially be hostile. They do by means of a few rules and an interesting type of thread division. Threads are divided into NH and RP. NH is "no hostility" and is more tightly moderated as well as containing rules such as "no piling on". RP are "regular parallel" where less strict rules apply and of course the newly arrived feminist commentator may choose to participate in one or both of the threads. The rules are here:

Now, the interesting thing about this, is , I'm afraid all too common. That is, that despite all the rules and special privileges afforded feminists there are still relatively few who comment and even fewer who either stick around or make repeated visits. This is not to grate on feminism: this seems common with just about every ideology I've ever run into. That is, no matter how easy you make it for people to come to your place to share their views and have those views challenged, few people seem up to it.

This is partly why blogging is often futile. Vox Day only gets the occasional atheist at his site, Roissy only gets the occasional anti-game person, and ..well I could go on and on. People just always seem to want to keep their opinions dry and unchallenged - its probably easier emotionally that way. Socrates really was an unusual man after all!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

First off, for anyone who is bothering to read this, I wish to apologize for the length of delay between posts. I've sort of fallen off of my usual websites and haunts the past two months and while I've lurked a bit , I haven't posted much at all anywhere. This is partly because I was unemployed, not to mention there have been a few things in my life that needed straightened out.

Also, since I am currently single and for a few months was totally out of the "looking" game it was rather painful to read my normal blogs about relationships and such.

But I'm back.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New style


Figured this would be easier to write and keep up with if I got rid of my horrendous original background and settings. So I've been playing around with Bloggers backend controls and adding a few of my favorite blogs. More blogs and posts to come in the near future.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

How males should groom to impress chicks

My response to a post here:

Girl Game. I recommend it.

Here's the post on how males should groom:

Well this if for teh Menz, to show how superior in time-managment we are to you inferior females :) This post by lsb needs to be spread far and wide across the female end of the internet and retitled. I’m thinking to “How to Get Ready for a Brunch Date in Less than 2 and one half hours, Yes it Can be Done!” And then recognized as the Great Moment in Women’s History that the posting of it was.
That being said, some clueless omega’s might need the male equivalent. So, because the charming ladies here at Girl Game let all and sundry comment – I count myself in with the sundry- so here goes.
First guys:
If you’re taking longer than one minute to get ready you are doing it wrong .
I mean, some guys go to crazy extremes, take showers or baths, wear pressed clothes (without your girl even IRONING them for you!) put on skin moisterizers, clip their nails this kind of thing.
Needless to say, chicks find this TRY- HARD.
So what should you be doing?A. Well, your woman’s time is valuable. The longer she has to wait on you, the less time and energy she’ll have for sex after the date. Plus, she’s probably exhausted from ironing those shirts. Provided she remembered to clean them. If she’s new, however, and you haven’t housebroken her I recommend putting on some clothes and hiding any stains. I’ve heard that white out will hide almost anything.B. What kind of clothes you ask? Well, you should cover up your bottom and Large Manly Member. Most places these days also require you to cover your manly chest. It’s tough being a man these days when it comes to dress. I admit that holes in shoes look a bit low class and tacky and covering them up with tape painted to look like the color of the shoe is a big bother and doesnt’ work anyway. So, alas, as a man who is suave, sophisticated, and needs to impress your woman, I’m afraid that once your shoes get holes in them, they must be replaced. So just slip those new suckers on and be proud!C. If she doesn’t like a beard or mustache I recommend shaving. Otherwise, simply tell her you are “letting it grow”! Works like a charm. Remember, though it is a bother, a happy woman gives good oral.D. I don’t recommend anything crazy like a shower..remember her time is valuable! However there are two exceptions I can think of. If Rover mistook you for a light pole, or if you fell into a pile of excrement, it is usually adviseable to take a shower. Unfortunately, this will take you AT LEAST two minutes because it takes the water 30 to 60 seconds to warm, so you must explain to your sweetie pie that you will be a tad late and could she please Stop Nagging and Get you a Beer. And, guys, contrary to popular myth , women LIKE male sweat, so you odn’t need to shower after exercise. Trust me, she’ll love you all the better for standing out in the crowd of brainwashed male schmoes.E.Deoderant? Optional in many ways, however this is expected on dates or during social events. So I recommend Old Spice, or Axe. Just not too much. She needs to be able to smell your manly body after all in order to heighten her araul sensation of you.F. I sometimes spend a whole minute combing my hair or applying gel and combing it. This is sometimes necessary to give me “That look” but it does tend to increase the time it takes for me to get ready to go out. Thus, I recommend buying the really GOOD mouse. It will hold your hair in place even after you’ve slept on it. A little crazy glue never hurts. Or you can shave your head, esp if your balding. Why care for hair you are going to lose in five or ten years anyway?
Well there you go. Guys, esp Omegas: Follow my tips and you will have a happier loving girlfriend , and your grooming skills will positively make you a Chick Magnet because , as Roissy would say, they are a form of Social Proof.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Post

A few people, including at least one very charming lady have asked me to post some more on this blog.

I really don't mind, I've certainly been remiss.

I suppose I could do a follow up on my first post on the state of the world. This will take some time and thought.

I'm currently in a job search so too much personal info is out. I've never been one to put it "all out there" anyway.

However I will put one personal thing out there.
I belong to a "lair" in a city in the Baltimore - Washington area.
Surprisingly , it's not what one would think. For instance, yesterday, we spent a significant amount of time on some "white" (as opposed to darkside) NLP techniques. Then the entire second half of the meeting was devoted to personal goals and how to acheive them via visualisation and asking probing questions of yourself. "Inner game" so to speak. Not once during the whole meeting did any man refer to women as "bitches" and there was no bitterness evinced at women. The subject of short term vs long term game was brought up in context of trying to help a new member place his ideas of a girlfriend into the context of longer term goals.

All in all a positive experience, and not what many would think a "lair" meeting woud be like if one believed in the caricature of game that many people have. Admittedly there are some bad players out there, and NLP, for instance is for the most part morally problematic. But our particular group has decided to focus on improving ourselves and our lives as men and our philosophy on women is to leave them better than when you found them.

Not a bad bunch of guys at all. I'm glad I joined this group.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Short post

Not that anyone is much reading this, but for personal reasons in my life I haven't had much time to update. I should have more time soon, though, so don't be surprised if a few posts pop up now and then over the next month or two.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where the world is

I think this first post should be about where the world is - the state of things in this early 21st century. I suppose I'll make my next post a bit about me - My state.

This will just be a very basic introduction. Many of these themes /topics are covered better and more extensively on other blogs and websites of various kinds. However, I've yet to see them all synthesized or put in one spot where one can sort of get a "big picture" of what life is like for people in the early part of the 21st century and the challenges we humans, as a species face.


First, humanity is currently facing 3 major crises that seem to have arrived all about the same time. These crises affect you whether you are a poor indiginous 3rd world farmer, or a prosperous software engineer in the US. One may disagree about the severity and the timing, but not about their existence. The three are:

A. Peak Oil
B. Global Warming
C. The Global economic crisis

It would be ridiculous to claim they are all unrelated. It would also be ridiculous to claim that I, or anyone has a full understanding of them.

Some would claim there is a fourth: global overpopulation. Due to the fact that population sustanabilities are partly based on technological infrastructure I do not agree, though I retain an open mind on this subject.

In addition western nations, the US and Great Britain in particular are facing severe internal political crises. Surprisingly these are mostly "below the radar" phenonenon and they do not appear to be caused by A, B, or C. They merely exist to potentially serve as examples of the limits of human political engineering. The political crises are -

A. The splitting of the United States into what may be reasonably termed "tribal" political boundaries. This is partly because of the "multiculturalism" phenomenom - "political correctness" and other modern philosophies have served to atomize loyalty to one's political state. This is also a function of the US having evolved over the past 40 years into what is basically a plutocracy -monied corporate interests - indeed, moneyed political interests as well- make the rules and command the allegience of the Congress and Presidency. Because of this, neither of the two political parties gives much allegience to its base -making them in many ways merely mirror images of each other, the spittle of the Limbaughs and Hannity's be dammned. And thus is the citizenry disenfranchised as government grows increasingly bigger and more intrusive.

B. The destruction of family life and the fall out of the effects of radical feminism, old-style chivalry, and two -earner families. Blogs such as Whiskey, Novaseeker, Glenn Sacks, Roissy in DC, and commentaters such as Roger Devlin cover this ground extensively as well as the emergence of "game" theory as the emergence of the first ever coordinated male response to female hypergamy. If not for illegal immigration, the US's population would decline, as Europes already has, meanwhile whites are not breeding enough replace their population -thus causing a shifting ethnic change demographically. Changes in the legal system have downright destroyed the institution of marriage, and many changes in the laws effectively discriminate and disenfranchise men when it comes to issues such as reproductive rights and incarcaration. Basically the west has tried an experiment never before done in human social history: it has fully unleashed female sexuality without consequences legal or social as well as cultivated a culture of libertinism - not to be confused with libertarianism.

Because of all of the above, things look pretty bleak for the immediate future.

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